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January 6


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    You sat there, the morning after your little makeout with Kankri Vantas, Karkat's 'older brother'. You were on your laptop when you glanced up at Kankri as he walked out from your guest room, and opened your door. He was leaving?.. You opened you mouth to say 'Hey, no wait!' but nothing came out but a little squeak. He looked at you confused. He shrugged, and went out the door, closing the door behind him, but you shoved down the laptop, and got up, opening the door, and tried to yell out, 'NO!! COME BACK!!" but you looked like a mime. You held your throat and you felt tears on your cheeks streaming down. Why couldn't you talk?! You could yesterday! Out of anger and sadness, thinking Kankri just dumped you, you grabbed his roses he gave you and threw them down, stomping on them. Your heart was aching so badly, as you sat down on your couch, putting both of your hands on your face as you hiccupped and cried. The tears slowly trickled down your arms, staining your shorts.

    You slowly lifted up your head, staring at the roses, your hands all wet from your salty tears. You tried to talk, or atleast whisper, and yet nothing came out. Silence... You picked up your car keys, whipping your tears away with your arm. You slipped on your favorite jacket, and shoes. You opened the front door and slammed it shut as you left your house. You got in your car, turned it on, and it came on with a "VRRRROOM". You stepped on t he gas pedal, heading to the hospital. You looked around, ready to cry again. Your heart hurt still at the thought of Kankri dumping you like trash. Suddenly, your car slowed down till it came to a stop. You slammed your fists on the wheel, and thought. 'FUCKING GREAT DOES EVERYTHING WANT TO QUIT ON ME?' you opened the door and aggresivly slammed it shut. You leaned on your car, letting out a deep sigh or frustration. You closed your eyes, putting a  hand on your forehead. You could hear the other cars passing by and yet no little kids or trolls were outside today. It was silent expect for the gust of wind, just like your heart. You felt a hand on your shoulder, and you looked over. Kurloz. He was smiling down at you. You had an idea. You put your hand up to your mouth and pretended to zip it shut, trying to signal that you had seemed to have lost your own voice.

       He put two hands up, shaking his head as a no. He pointed to his mouth, and then made an X with his arms. Was he trying to say.. As you thought, he put a hand pointed at himself then pointed to you. Oh my god.... He was right.... You.... You're mute... You broke out into tears, and he pulled you into a gentle hug, holding you close. He patted your back as you cried into his shirt.You slowly looked up to see him... Glaring? At something... You turned your head, and saw Kankri coming your direction. Kankri was seeming to glare at Kurloz. "Can I please have my matesprit back, Kurloz? I'm sorry you lost your's." Kurloz twitched in anger and let go of you, before walking away. Kankri looked at you. "What was that all about, [your name]." You pointed to your mouth, and made an X. Kankri's expression was shocked. He pulled you into a gentle hug, wrapping his arms around you. He put his chin your head, and whispered, "Im so sorry.... I left because Porrim needed help with Mituna's triggers..But I'm here now hunny... And I'll always be here.."

                                          You two stood there, swaying back and forth in each others arms.


                                                         Kurloz Makara by sesshyfanchick



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